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SFT Horsemanship's head trainer, Amanda Shelton, is committed to finding harmony between horses and humans. She has an uncanny ability to look at the horse as a whole complete picture, instead of just focusing in on one particular aspect. This approach allows her to problem solve at a very successful rate with horses she is training. She's willing to look at all aspects of a horse's care, previous training, health, and psychological well being to find the cause of any issues. Amanda doesn't just put Band-Aids on symptoms when it comes to her training horses, she gets to the root of the problem to solve it for good. SFT Horsemanship's training programs are completely customizable for each horse and rider's situation. From colt starting to finishing for the show pen, we offer a program for you!

Amanda's primary focus is on colt starting and training stock horses for a wide variety of events. She welcomes all breeds and many disciplines into her training program. She has a varied background in the horse industry with experience training and competing in hunter/jumper, western pleasure, reining, cutting, team penning, trail, and more! She is also available to work with horses with behavior problems including trailer loading, standing tied, bucking, rearing, and more. Contact us today to get started on your journey to a better partnership with your horse.

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Colt Starting

$500/month, 2 months required

Horses must be 36 months or older

(prices don't include boarding costs)


Part Time (2/3 days/week) $300

Full Time (4/5 days/week) $450

Single Session $30

(Prices don't include boarding costs)