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At SFT Horsemanship we strive to provide horse owners with the very best in boarding services. Every aspect of a horse's care can be tailored to meet its exact needs. Do you have a horse with special needs? We can help. Our smaller facility size allows us to provide specialized care for every horse in our care.

Full Care Stall Boarding

We offer one complete boarding package with a long list of extras that can be added to customize services to fit your needs. Our basic boarding package goes way beyond basic. At SFT Horsemanship we assure you that you will not find a better value in boarding in the area!

Full care board is $375 and includes:

  • 10'x12' matted stall with Dutch door or large window
    - Bedded deeply with locally milled sawdust
    - Sweet PDZ applied 2-4x weekly to remove noxious ammonia fumes
    - Cleaned daily
  • Daily turnout on grassy fields fenced with electric poly tape
    - Private or small group (2-3 horses)
    - Horses are turned out by 8AM and brought in between 4 and 6PM depending on the weather
    - Half day turnout available for horses requiring limited turnout access, brought in at noon.
  • Completely customized feed program
    - 3 feedings a day, all feeds fed by weight to ensure consistency
    - Top quality hay, first and second cutting alfalfa grass mixes available
    - We feed Tribute Equine Nutrition products, Kalm N EZ and Essential K
    - Owner provided supplements in SmartPaks fed as directed
    - Himalayan rock salt blocks provided to horses in stalls
  • Fresh, clean water available at all times
    - Water buckets and troughs emptied and rinsed daily
    - Water buckets and troughs scrubbed and disinfected weekly
    - Water levels are monitored and topped off throughout the day to ensure horses are drinking
  •  Monthly health monitoring
    - Temperature, pulse, and respiration rates are recorded to establish normal resting rate for each horse
    - Weight determined via weight tape to monitor any significant gains or losses to allow for feeding changes
  • Seasonal care
    - Blanket changes up to twice a day as requested by owner
    - Fly mask on/off daily
    - Fly spray applied daily, stable provides fly spray for boarders
    - Fans in each stall in the summer, heated buckets in the winter
  • Deworming
    - Fecal egg counts 3xs a year followed by appropriate deworming based on results
    - Deworming with EquiMax in the fall after the first hard frost
  • In-house veterinary care
    - Includes hand walking, bandage changes, application of topical treatments, and giving of oral medications
    - Owner must provide all supplies